The Alara Canfield Show

The importance of your Essence with Audrey Lightlanguage

January 29, 2020

Please join Audrey Lightlanguage and me as we talk about The Importance of Your Essence and so much more, as well there will be live Q&A and processes.

It's time to exit out of your reverie and to become resolute, involved in the resurrection to resurrect yourself , birth yourself anew  by reunification of yourself out of fractulization by the declaration of who you are through definition, the defining of yourself, the coloring of yourself in. You manifesting your own self, bringing your true self into being. Your beliefs claim who you ARE its time to choose a new choice to guide yourself through the time of the great divide to which side you will be found. Your essence is the thing that speaks to what you have declared and defined yourself to be and by that which side you shall find yourself upon. EVOLutionary or devolution. Moving love forward or the continued backward journey with its loops of stagnation. Creation the Divine plan has things in motion as stagnation and loops of the same is in contradiction of life which is movement and so thus we come to move and so the opportunity to take part and do so Move, vibrate higher, faster, quicker, the quickening which is the opening of the opportunity to take part in these higher vibrating octaves and the higher vibratory and consciousness experiences to be had upon those potentials that exist in the higher frequencies made available for one to partake of if they are in resonance. Many speak of 5D but there are many fields to partake of ,many dimensions why limit yourself to only 5d when you enter into your mastery and recall that you are a creator being and as the Beings of Light say you are the master and master piece one and the same, you can have opened to you all the D's the dimensions which are levels of consciousness expressing . You can have the many rooms, the many mansions of creation open to you to paint your pictures, your creations, your experiences through again if your in resonance with them.


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