The Alara Canfield Show

Light Bridge Wealth Harmonics with Patrick Prohaska

April 17, 2019

Please join Patrick Prohaska and I as we talk about Light Bridge Wealth Harmonics. Join us Q&A, energetic activations, Light Bridge attunements, and belief sculpting processes to bring you into alignment with wealth consciousness, and so much more. Wonderful guidance, insight, and wisdom about wealth, prosperity, being in alignment and so much more. Wonderful and powerful personal clearings and group healing energy processes.

Imagine living basking in all the financial resources you need to create the life of your dreams, on your terms. Patrick Prohaska’s Light Bridge Wealth Harmonics helps you achieve that, and more.

-Is your life an endless stream of unpaid bills and financial self-sabotage?
-Do you live in constant fear of unexpected expenses that can push you into bankruptcy?
-Do you live paycheck to paycheck, and never have any surplus for savings or retirement?
-Do you settle for shabby, silently embarrassed about your home, car, or clothing?
-Do you feel overwhelmed financially and fear you’ll never take control of your life?

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