The Alara Canfield Show

Invitation to Remembrance with Audrey Light Language

December 4, 2018

Join me and Audrey Light Language as we talk the invitation to remembrance. Experience powerful light language, channelling, and numeric codes and so much more.

THIS IS AN INVITATION to recall remember what you are and what you are doing and are a part of from a wider expanded perspective as a spark of Divinity an eternal being THIS IS AN INVITATION to yes make your physical experience a better one for yourself and others but not just to manifest physical abundance or attain new gifts and abilities that are yours you open up to this is an invitation to realize the REAL this is about your true essence your soul beingness abundance your eternal self This flows through into your physical life as we as one takes back and stands in their power and that which is theirs their Divine birth right as a creator being a spark of Divinity remembered to self and your part in the self hood that is the eternal you.