The Alara Canfield Show

Heal Your Holy Womb, to Birth Your Holy Life with Laura Hosford

October 1, 2020

Please join Laura Hosford and me live today as we talk about ​Heal Your Holy Womb, to Birth Your Holy Life​ and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

What you will learn today on our show:

-How to Activate the power of your divine feminine celestial flow through your 3 intuition centers.

-How to Activate your greatest source of Intuition and Wisdom power through your Holy Womb Chakra.

-Restore safety and grounded presence through clearing deep layers of wounding, trauma, emotions and ancestral energies embedded in your womb.

-The hidden golden gateway you are searching for to fully activate your greatest Avatar powers of creative expression and manifestation to bring forth your Heaven on Earth.

-Activate your Avatar Quantum power and soul presence and powers of creative expression through Intention, clarity, self-responsibility and divine feminine magnetic flow.

-Enjoy a powerful Celestial light grid activation with Mary Magdalene and The Sacred Triangle energies of the Divine Feminine Christ timeline between Lemuria and Southern France.

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