The Alara Canfield Show

Enhance your receiving IN SECONDS and MINUTES! with Nidhu B Kapoor

April 30, 2021

Please join Nidhu B Kapoor and me live today as we talk about ​​Enhancing your receiving IN SECONDS and MINUTES! and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

- Detox and release stress, pain and pressures in SECONDS!

- Stop feeling guilty about making yourself priority

- Feel safe feeling what you feel, especially anger and resentment

- Get money messages, gifts and opportunities in minutes and hours!

- Learn the necessary and much needed art of relaxing

- Feel safer, connected, protected and blessed in minutes

- Move to the lightness, brightness, rightness of 5D in SECONDS!!

Check out the brilliance of The Divine Decrees

- The ease of doing it yourself!

- Can be done anytime, anywhere!

- The simplicity of the process

- it is just words!

- Use it on anything and everything, anyone and everyone

- Enjoy connecting to energy flows within, especially if you are an empath

- See results in the external world within hours!

- You connect to your authenticity and truth fastest

- You understand yourself and have better connections with yourself

- You draw healthy boundaries quickly

- You become a master of your own energy system

- Confidence rises as does self esteem and self worth

- You live from choice, not pressure and fear

- Change brain neural pathways, clear past lives, heal family abuse, appease ancestors, complete Karma, positively impact seven generations backward and forward - SIMULTANEOUSLY

The words have the power to direct energies to work a certain way. And because our energies are alive and sentient, they respond Instantly! In fact over time, just beginning to think of the decree makes the shift happen! You see, you are not the patient. Your stuck energy, is. YOU are the doctor!!

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