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Divine Master Frequency of Forgiveness with Brooklin Rayne

April 26, 2021

Please join Brooklin Rayne and me as we talk about ​​Divine Master Frequency of Forgiveness and so much more, as well as live Q&A and more.

During this Golden Age of Ascension humanity is being gifted the opportunity to experience full transparency and complete embodiment of their I AM presence.

When we are able to look into the mirror of our Divine Truth experiencing, accepting, and integrating all aspects and fragments of Self, it is then Divine Sovereignty and Freedom is fully realized.

One of the most graceful and gentle ways of integrating the polarities that we have co-created and bringing ourselves back into wholeness is through the calling in of Divine Forgiveness.

The Sophia Christ Collective has come forth through the channel of Brooklin Rayne to share the Golden Christ Key Codex and Divine Master Frequency of Forgiveness.

It is called a Divine Master Frequency, as it holds the frequencies of Divine Forgiveness, Divine Unconditional Love, Divine Compassion, and Divine Gratitude. It is a crystalline bridge and gateway to embodying Unity Consciousness, Freedom, and Sovereignty. It is a vehicle to rebirthing and resurrecting your Christof template and I AM Presence.

As a Divine initiate of this Golden Christ Key Codex, Brooklin will share the channeled wisdom and energy transmissions throughout her time with you.

Over the next 90 minutes.......

- What does it mean to fully experience Divine Forgiveness

- How does Divine Forgiveness allow us to create more transparency in our lives, increase our scope of consciousness, and to disengage the victim-victimizer matrixes

- Sharing the journey and the wisdom of the Golden Christ Key Codex of Forgiveness

- What is the Divine Master Frequency of Forgiveness and how is it called upon for soul alchemy - Sharing the spoken decree of Divine Forgiveness

- What is the Rainbow Crystalline Diamond Arc of Forgiveness and how do we call upon it

- A guided activation and initiation of the Golden Christ Key Codex of Forgiveness that includes a crystalline DNA and cellular water activation.

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