The Alara Canfield Show

Deep Secrets & Magic of Old Egypt Rediscovered with Jill Mattson

January 15, 2019

Join me and Jill Mattson as we talk about Deep Secrets & Magic of Old Egypt Rediscovered. A wonderful show filled with wisdom, as well as a magical sound frequencies. Learn why we are instinctively drawn to Ancient Egypt. Why has Ancient Egypt endured as the most powerful historical and spiritual mystery of all times? What were the Egyptian Resurrection Frequencies and Tree-of-Life Transformations? Experience ancient "Sound Codes", just like those used in Egyptian Temples to open Powerful Energy Streams! Each Temple taught special techniques employing Higher Dimensional Energies for selfless acts of White Magic: for Healing, Restoration, Fast Spiritual Evolution, Manifesting and altering your life in incredibly surprising ways! Reveal past life memories from the priest and priestess-hood of Ancient Egypt. Find how that information will help you in this life.

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