The Alara Canfield Show

Declaring and Defining Oneself to Stand in One’s Godhood with Audrey Light Language

August 16, 2019

Please join Audrey Light Language and me as we talk about Declaring and Defining Oneself to Stand in One's Godhood and so much more, as well there will be live Q&A and light language, language of the Akash, and Channeling of Beings of Light. Another powerful, high vibe show with shifts and transformation of your energy field and more.

Take the opportunity to work with a soul architect to assist you to become an architect of your own designs instead of being at the hands of others agendas. Audrey light language, soul architect and energy engineer, helps you to create a path of your own by stepping into your sovereignty and Divine birth right. The work Audrey does is freeing you from the old energy entanglements and brings in upgrades of your vibratory field to be in alignment with the new frequencies which the new Creation exist upon. This work helps with your physical embodiment but also works for you at the true level of you that you are, your SOUL, and so helps you as you travel through existence to be in alignment with the new higher octaves that existence is playing out instead of being stuck in the old and out of alignment. There is no treasure more valuable than your true essence, that is your soul, come tend to it instead of just being lost and distracted in the physical, for your soul is what you travel through existence as it is your essence of your being.

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