The Alara Canfield Show

Cosmic Realms - Your Personal Path to the Stars with Jill Mattson

June 6, 2019

Please join Jill Mattson and me as we talk about Cosmic Realms – Your Personal Path to the Stars as well there will be live Q&A and more. A powerful conversation and healing call with clearings, channelings, and more.

Receive Energies from the Stars!

Connect to the Stars Sirius, Regulus and Talithi Kumi!

Use Angel Sigils in Sound to access Angelic Realms!

Arch Angels: Zaphkiel, Zacharil & Jeremial

Lightworkers soul yearn for the fullest reunion with the Higher Energy from the Stars. Satisfy this timeless attraction & discover valuable secrets that you can use: listen to Jill Mattson’s Cosmic Realms ~ A Personal path to the Stars.

Jill shows how the earliest peoples opened Star Gates to contact Higher beings and tap into their Celestial Energies. Powerful Sigils and Cosmic Seals (as described in Revelations) linked to the Stars. Experience these awakenings.

Important lessons listeners will receive from Jill's "Cosmic Realms"

  • Finally grasp, why mankind has always been obsessively drawn to the heavens
  • Clear Ancestral Energy and Karma with the Angels Triumvirate! Listen & connect with these three Angels during the interview
  • Share the Ancients' fascination with the Stars and KNOW why they spent centuries building Monuments - that were really Divine Observatories & Energy Generators
  • Learn about Star Gates and how to use them to integrate bountiful Higher Dimensions! Learn about the Heavenly Energies that are within your reach. Experience the methods the Ancient Masters used to transform with star energies. Learn how to get transformative energy assistance to overcome any challenge that you struggle with.
  • Access the Divine Powers that reside in the Heavens & find out how to learn which Star Systems that YOU are connected to. Understand why certain Tribes connected to particular Stars in the Heavens?
  • See how Sound Codes can connect you to Sirius or Regulas – or other stars in the ancient Zodiac that provide soul paths after ascension
  • Listen to Star Sigils that were carved in Egyptian Temples & Get the powerful images that can fast track you to ascension by simply gazing intently