The Alara Canfield Show

Awaken the Next Level of Your Soul’s Light with Gabrielle Spencer

August 14, 2019

Please join Gabrielle Spencer and me as we talk about Awakening the Next Level of Your Soul's Light and so much more, as well there will be live Q&A and energetic processes. Another wonderful call with Gabrielle about raising your vibration, maintaining a higher vibration, accessing higher wisdom, wounds of separation, and so much more as well as clear, precise, on point readings, and a powerful guided activation.

What you will learn on the show:

-Transform conscious and subconscious energetic blocks that have hindered your growth and progression as a FREE soul being
-How to use energy to heal yourself, your family, and your relationships
-Aligning with and activating your frequency to the New Earth Templates
-Bridging the energy between your light body and higher-consciousness with your physical body and current reality
-Golden Beings of Light Activation
-Mini-readings of what is blocking you, where to focus your healing and consciousness expansion efforts

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