The Alara Canfield Show

Are You Part of The WOKE Essence with Audrey Lightlanguage

January 7, 2021

Please join Audrey Lightlanguage and me live today as we talk about Are You Part of The WOKE Essence and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

On this call you will learn: Are You one of those that are part of The WOKE Essence and if not how to receive help to assist you to be part and get in resonance energetically . These are unprecedented times , never has this occurred. The plug is being pulled on the experiment after eons of millenia as the old book of life is being sealed will you find yourself to be in resonance with the new frequency to take part in the writing in the New Book of Life . Audrey's work as a Soul Architect and a coder of the field of creation as an ancient one embodied to assist helps get you to a fast tract to break out of the old energy shackles , beliefs and paradigms to help you take back your rightful Divine birthright as a sovereign being, an aspect of the Divine embodied to take back your True power and Creator beingness, Truly awoken to what is and you are a part of.

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