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Are You Golden?with Amy Flynn

September 30, 2020

Please join Amy Flynn and me live today as we talk about ​​Are You Golden? How to Make the Golden Period of the Portal of Divine Rebirth (20:20) Golden for You​ and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

Amy Flynn returns with The Collective in a powerful session to look at where the Portal of Divine Rebirth has taken you.  We have just entered the final 4 months of the 20:20 Portal's chaotic energy - The Collective call it the "Golden Period" of the Portal.  This is the time to birth and make manifest the Gold you want to mine out of your journey through the Portal of Divine Rebirth (20:20).

Currently humanity has entered into a state of birthing itself anew within this Divine Portal year.  To birth something totally new, the old must fall apart.  Energy patterns that you always believed made up reality are being dissolved.   What will replace them?  Within the Portal of Divine Rebirth new frequencies and energies are available for you to weave something brand new -- your Gold.  The Collective will help you choose the gold you want mine and guide you in weaving it into form.

The Collective will take a look at how the Portal of Divine Rebirth is supporting humanity in rebirthing itself and supporting the human and planetary journey from 3D to 5D.  They will guide you to see what is possible for you on the other side of our collective human creation. 

From the start of and throughout this session you will be immersed in the beautiful and loving high vibration Crystalline Rainbow Starlight Frequencies.  They will be working throughout the session activating your Rainbow Light Body.  In addition throughout the session you will receive Divine Crystalline Activations to activate new energy sequences within you.

And everyone's favorite part  - The Collective will lead you on an altered state Guided Meditative Journey into the heart of the Portal of Divine Rebirth to experience the Portal's Divine Golden Threads. You will be guided to weave the Golden Threads into your Personal Gold.  Prior to journeying into the Portal The Collective and Amy will clear trapped energy that is holding old patterns and energy expressions in place to creating a powerful clearing for your new creations to be birthed.  There are no limitations within the Portal and no limitations on what you can weave with the Divine Golden threads.  You will be guided to be the Master Creator Weaver that you are.

Amy and The Collective will also be taking live questions offering insight and crystalline activations while clearing non-beneficial energies from each questioner and the audience.   Amy promises that you will leave this session filled with deep inner peace, vastly expanded and empowered with new clarity and creativity.  

For the most powerful experience, please come to this live session with an open heart, a smile on your face and fully ready to receive ... and you will abundantly!

In this call you will receive:
-New insight and understanding of where you are in the Portal of Divine Rebirth.

-Insight and guidance on weaving your personal Gold from the Portal of Divine Rebirth - you will weave your gold during this session

-A session long Immersion in the uplifting Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies with Divine Crystalline Activations

-A guided Meditative Journey into the heart of the Portal of Divine Rebirth to weave the Portal's Golden threads into your Golden Creation

-A very rich, multidimensional high frequency experience!

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