The Alara Canfield Show

Ancestral Story Clearing with Dr.MoNique Hunt

May 22, 2019

Please join Dr.Monique Hunt and me as we talk about Ancestral StoryClearing – Releasing Poverty Stories from Your Life and Lineage as well there will be live Q&A and live StoryClearing and Ancestral messages during the call. Powerful conversation, new techniques, new ideas that we can all use to create a relationship with our ancestors and heal the stories that do not serve us or them.

What you will learn today on our show:

-How your Ancestors’ Stories might be disrupting your happiness
-How Ancestral Stories of Poverty, Shame, and Violence are impacting your finances and abundance.
-Why spiritual practices, meditation, the Secret and energy healing aren’t helping you with the transformation you desire
-How Ancestral StoryClearing can help you release old wounds that are blocking your success
-Why you can’t seem to manifest career opportunities or clients for your business
-How your Ancestors can support you with living your soul’s purpose