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2019 is the Year of the Portal - How You Can Use Them to Create Prosperity and Success

February 21, 2019

Join Amy Flynn and I as we talk about how 2019 is the Year of the Portal - How You Can Use Them to Create Prosperity and Success. Wonderful messages, wisdom, and high vibration energies throughout the show, as well as a powerful portal journey.

In a special session filled with Energy and Light, Amy and The Collective will take you on a journey into the magical domain of Portals! The Collective have named 2019 "The Year of the Portal" because this special year has an abundance of all types of Portals! Creativity and creating is emphasized in 2019 and The Collective will share about the acceleration and power Portals bring to your creating. You'll also discover your personal Portals and how to access and use them. Throughout this fun, informative and powerful session Amy and The Collective will weave a powerful cocoon of Divine Love to release years of weighty energy from your Being. You will also be infused with special Love frequencies along with powerful quantum activations to lift you out of old, stagnant 3D energy that has been holding you back in your life. You will be led on a journey into the Portal of Divine Love.Our call will be filled with the beautiful and uplifting Crystalline Rainbow StarLight Frequencies! Your magnificent Rainbow Body will be activated as these wonderful Frequencies lift you into the energies of FUNbundance and unlimited possibility! With the extra boost from the Eclipse Portal energies, you will definitely leave this call in a place far from where you began it. Amy and The Collective love interacting with live callers and every person who speaks with them (or gets an online question answered) will receive channeled guidance plus special clearing and FUNbundance activation customized to personally support you (and the entire audience) in releasing un-supportive beliefs and behavior habits. You will love feeling the shift in yourself!Chat with Amy and The Collective to learn how Portals can bring you what you want to experience. Ask: Can I program a Portal to give me _______? to get the conversation started.To close the session The Collective will lead everyone in a powerful activated Energy and Light filled guided meditative journey into a Divine Love Portal to activate your love and creation intentions. You'll meet the Portal Beings that inhabit the Divine Love Portal and meet one of your alternative (other dimensional) selves! We promise this will be a powerful, delicious, fun and high vibration session loaded with lots of high frequency energy that you will definitely feel and that you will feel AMAZING at the end of the session!

For the most awesome experience and results please come to this session LIVE with an open heart, a smile on your face and fully ready to receive ... and you will abundantly!

  • Enhanced Divine Love Portal Multidimensional Frequencies, Light and Activations to manifest your magnificent FUNbundant 5D Reality!
  • Learn how Portals can accelerate
  • Discover the magic and power of Portals and meet the Beings that inhabit them!
  • Immersion in uplifting Crystalline Rainbow Star Light Frequencies and the activation of your Rainbow Body!
  • Activations, Light clearings in a beautiful, powerful guided meditative journey into a Divine Love Portal with The Collective! Meet and learn from your parallel alternate self!

Remember, Amy and The Collective will be providing targeted, personal answers (wisdom, insight) to your questions and SIMULTANEOUSLY you will be sent IDEAL frequencies to release stuck areas, expand your vision of what's possible along with Rainbow Frequencies (activate Rainbow Body) and Activations. The whole audience will receive these same energies and frequencies and activations to release this imprint from you and your life experience, so be sure to dial in or ask your question online!


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