Free Healing Call - Gratitude Challenge January 2019

January 14, 2019

Join me and my Gratitude Challenge community as we talk about what we are grateful for as some of us are experiencing some deep emotions and feelings. Join me in a guided process to release some of these denser energies as we show up more for us and move forward in creating the life we desire with more ease and grace.


Free Healing Call - Gratitude Challenge December 2018

January 2, 2019

Join me and my Gratitude Challenge community as we talk about what we are grateful for as we move into the new year as well as what we are grateful for in the past year. Join me in a guided process to change the way that you vision your life moving forward to start creating the life you desire with more ease and grace.


Manifest with the Faeries with Karen Kay

December 20, 2018

Join me and Karen Kay as we talk about how to Manifest with the Faeries. A wonderful show filled with wisdom, as well as a magical guided meditation to connect with the Faeries and manifest your wishes.

Karen Kay communicates with fairies. She founded her own International fairy magazine called ‘FAE’. A passionate nature lover, her friendship with the fairies began as a young child in her grandmother’s garden, where she used to collect rose petals to make perfume for the flower fairies. She is related to renowned fairy poet and author, Walter De La Mare. Karen is releasing her first fairy oracle card deck with Hay House in autumn 2019. This is a far cry from her former life as a BBC news editor!


The Code Journey with Jesse An Nichols George

December 18, 2018

Join me and Jesse An Nichols George as we talk about The Code Journey as well as take live Q&A and more. An shares the powerful impact that The Code Journey is having on our world; and how you can become a part of it. The Code Journey is such a huge catalyst in shifting our world.


Tools for Managing the 2019 Energies with Ana La Rai

December 11, 2018

Join me and Ana La Rai as we talk about Tools for Managing the 2019 Energies as well as live Q&A and more. A wonderful show filled with practical tools, wisdom, channellings, and meditation to assist and support you as we move into 2019.


Inner Council of the Soul with Raven Manyvoices

December 6, 2018

Join me and Raven Manyvoices as we talk about The Inner Council of the Soul and how this team of your soul can help you navigate this crazy world. Learn how to listen to the heart, quite the mind, feel the world without being overwhelmed and know what to eat for your body as well as live Q&A and more.

Want to develop your inner intuition? Having a hard time trusting your heart? Come learn about your inner counsel of the Mind, Body, Heart and Emotions. Discover how these parts of yourself can be blocked preventing your forward movement in life. Create a meditation you can practice daily to communicate to these hidden parts for clarity and healing. Find your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself again!


Invitation to Remembrance with Audrey Light Language

December 4, 2018

Join me and Audrey Light Language as we talk the invitation to remembrance. Experience powerful light language, channelling, and numeric codes and so much more.

THIS IS AN INVITATION to recall remember what you are and what you are doing and are a part of from a wider expanded perspective as a spark of Divinity an eternal being THIS IS AN INVITATION to yes make your physical experience a better one for yourself and others but not just to manifest physical abundance or attain new gifts and abilities that are yours you open up to this is an invitation to realize the REAL this is about your true essence your soul beingness abundance your eternal self This flows through into your physical life as we as one takes back and stands in their power and that which is theirs their Divine birth right as a creator being a spark of Divinity remembered to self and your part in the self hood that is the eternal you.


Re-Align - Balance - Manifest with DaKara Kies

November 29, 2018

Join me and DaKara Kies as we talk about how to re-align, balance, and manifest. Get ready to prepare for 2019, raise your vibration and manifest your heart's desires. Experience powerful processes and practical techniques to manifest your desires and get out of overwhelm, and so much more.

Light Alchemy is a Divinely guided process working with Divine Mother and a multitude of other Powerful guides to call forth the sound, color and light needed to create your Sacred Transformation. Plan to listen in as DaKara will share simple and fast techniques to change your energy and your life!

-Live healing and transformations using Light Alchemy, Ancient Sacred Language and Sound to transform obstacles and the energy keeping you stuck. What's holding YOU back from Manifesting with ease and grace?
-Do you have a Gatekeeper holding your back from your hearts desires? What is a Gatekeeper and how does it hold you back in many areas of your life? If you feel stuck, likely there is a Gatekeeper, let's move it on!
-Are you ready to activate the part of your brain that is pre-programmed to manifest, shine and radiate?


Becoming a Galactic Human with Kelly Hampton

November 27, 2018

Join me and Kelly Hampton as we talk about becoming a galactic human, easing disease and deep emotional wounds with help from Archangel Michael, the Masters, and Pleiadians. Experience powerful messages and practical techniques brought about from the many live questions from the community that we can all use in our daily lives.


Money is Light with Susan Kennard

November 20, 2018

Join me and Susan Kennard as we talk money is light and how to bring more light into your life.. Experience a powerful guided process to raise your vibration, connect to the Earth and Spirit, and clear subconscious beliefs, vows, and contracts that may be in the way of your abundance and being who you truly are in joy.