The Alara Canfield Show

Reclaim Your Womb Chakra Superpowers! with Laura Hosford

November 17, 2020

Please join Laura Hosford and me live today as we talk about ​Reclaiming Your Womb Chakra Superpowers!​ and so much more, as well as live Q&A and processes.

What you will learn today on our show:

-Learn some simple tools to begin restoring the purity of your Womb Chakra to awaken your greatest manifestation powers!

-Activate your Divine Sovereign I AM Blueprint through healing your Holy Womb Chakra

-The Real Story of how Jesus was resurrected after the crucifixion.

-How to Liberate your Siddhi Superpowers and overcome all obstacles to living in your full human potential.

-Learn about Artificial Intelligence programs, negative polarization consciousness and virus programs preventing your full Soul embodiment?

-A Divine Sovereign I AM Womb Activation to restore your light and love consciousness

There is a light that no darkness can vanquish. We all have a connection to this ‘inner light.' It is our divinity, our soul.

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