The Alara Canfield Show

RECEIVE A 24 K GOLD FACELIFT! with Marlenea Johnson

April 20, 2021

Please join Marlenea Johnson and me as we talk about RECEIVING A 24 K GOLD FACELIFT! and so much more, as well as live Q&A and more.


- Receive a 24 k Gold Facelift

- Receive an activation for your skin care products which includes your soap, face creams and make-up. "You may bring your "products" and place them in front of you for this process."

- Receive clearings for Your Self Judgements, Poor Self Image, Fear of aging, Stress and more

- We'll be taking your questions and concerns.

- We will be raising YOUR "BEING VIBRATION" Marlenea will be using 24 k Gold Frequencies throughout this call. Please turn off all distractions. You will want to be fully present and not miss a single moment of this Amazing call!

Having an energetic 24 k Gold Facelift benefits your whole body and being. Due to easier energy flow through the body, your muscles begin to relax allowing the skin to regenerate.

24 K GOLD FACELIFTS - Just released by Marlenea

Are You Ready To

- Feel grateful for your body, look and feel younger and energetic?

- Open to new possibilities? Relax, rejuvenate and revive?

- Bring Relaxing, peaceful restoration for your whole body, mind and Spirit?

- Reduce lines and wrinkles - Have Radiant and younger looking appearance

- Restore natural flow of energy within and around the body; reducing sagging of the skin

- Heal Mirror trauma

- Heal Menopause Issues

- Receive Youthful Infusions and upgrades for Your eyesight, hair, skin, wrinkles, spine, Dna, cells, blood, organs, energy, sleep, chakras, and mindset.

Yes, this 24 k Gold Facelift is for You!

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