The Alara Canfield Show

Bridging Myths - The New Awakening with Julie Umpleby

July 30, 2019

Please join Julie Umpleby and me as we talk about Bridging Myths - The New Awakening, as well there will be live Q&A and healing processes. Another powerful conversation with new awarenesses, new information, and new perspectives. As well as a beautiful process that we did not want to come back from that can assist us in stabilizing ourselves during these high energy times.

Many are currently going through enormous inner shifts where they are beginning to question the initial beliefs they have adopted on their awakening journey. This can lead to a lot of confusion around identity and purpose for instance. These current times are fueling a new level of awakening, an expanded awareness and new understandings. In this conversation we will explore some of the current transitions and influences that are driving these changes, including :

-A fresh look at Ascension
-Waves of consciousness and the ‘new wave’
-The Schumann Resonances, 3d vs 5d, carbon to crystalline and the propagated myths
-The Diamond Light and Diamond Light Codes

As a futurist, Julie brings a revitalizing energy into working with consciousness. She is a bridge between worlds – scientific & consciousness, heaven & earth.

‘The Diamond Light is the brilliance that cuts through all illusion, bringing the light of Truth into all”

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